Photography Matters

This ongoing project started in October 2013 and has so far engaged over 60 people with learning disabilities, approximately 1/3 of whom are BME, for between 1 and 24 sessions. The project has also worked with a small group of elderly Indian women who are first-generation immigrants and speak English as a second language. Participants develop camera skills and learn ways to use photographic imagery for creative expression. The project seeks to challenge the traditional power-relationship of the camera and supports the development of an inclusive, empowered artistic community. Participants share their way of seeing the world, work in collaboration with each other, and have put together several exhibitions of their images.

Images from the project have been exhibited at: Arts@Trinity (Holy Trinity Church); Barkston House; the Brooklands & Baileys Community Room in Brooklands Towers; the Tree Tops Community Centre; and The Tetley art gallery.
The project has worked with the organisations: People Matters; the Hamara Centre; Health for All; the Seacroft Inclusive and Active Group; and The Tetley art gallery. The project has received funding from Leeds City Council’s Community Learning programme.
Contact me to discuss delivering a Photography Matters project with your group. I can tailor the content and number of sessions to suit the participants.