Part and Parcel

To commemorate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. In collaboration with Clare McCormack.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison for his part in the struggle against apartheid. Many people around the world continue to be imprisoned for their political beliefs or for protesting against injustice.

Part and Parcel invites members of the public to learn some of these stories, and make artworks to post directly to prison cells. A handmade card, poster or drawing can bring light and colour into an otherwise hostile and cold environment. It is a reminder of a deeply human connection, and lets the prisoner know that they are not alone in striving for a better world. It can be a celebration of the human spirit, of freedom and of bravery, or a simple act of solidarity. Engaging in correspondence also highlights the continued situation of political prisoners around the world, and lets their captors know that the world is watching.

We provide inspiration, support, art materials, and profiles of political prisoners around the world. Not all prisons accept home-made cards, so we scan all artworks and print onto card before posting.

The project has been presented at several venues and events in Leeds: The Tetley art gallery; Chapeltown Arts Festival; Summat New/Leeds for Change at the University of Leeds; Live Art Bistro (East Street Arts); and at the Amnesty International Leeds group meeting.
The project has received funding from: the Yorkshire & Humber Contemporary Visual Arts Network (YVAN); East Street Arts; Leeds Tidal; and Footprint Workers Co-op.
• Upcoming project dates: Sunday June 14th at Wharf Chambers for Leeds Queer Fest; Monday 15th June 6pm at Leeds Refugee Forum for Refugee Week; TBC August for Snakebox and Friends.

• If you would like to make your own artworks to send, contact me for PDF profiles of the prisoners, including addresses

• Contact me to discuss booking a Part and Parcel workshop or exhibition